+400% in bookings and -14% in acquisition cost; Oasis Hotels and Resorts boosts its direct sales channel results by implementing google smart bidding strategies

“Continuing to invest in marketing campaigns, even in periods of low demand, has been the key to our achieving a much faster recovery. For Oasis Hotels & Resorts, the Smart Bidding strategies we have implemented thanks to Roiback’s recommendations have been key”.

Says Fernando Pereira, Digital Media Director Oasis Hotels and Resorts.

During the most complicated part of the COVID-19 crisis, when demand was almost non-existent, at Roiback – as the people in charge of implementing the digital marketing strategy for Oasis Hotels and Resorts – we worked to lay the foundations for recovery, so that it would be as fast as possible.

When things were at their worst in the first half of 2020, at Oasis Hotels & Resorts and Roiback we bet on maintaining the investment in marketing, focusing on strategies to generate awareness and top of mind. The goal was to sow first to reap later. And the strategy proved to be the most successful.

Through a combination of search trend analysis using tools such as “Hotel Insights with Google” and continuous optimization of campaigns and bids with Google Smart Bidding, we were able to maximize the chain’s visibility first, and capture demand to convert it into sales later.

Campaigns were restructured and Google Smart Bidding’s machine learning algorithms were put at the service of Oasis Hotels and Resorts to optimize campaigns and improve their reach and profitability.

As demand grew, investment was gradually increased until 2021 began with very positive conversion and sales figures.

Slow and steady, optimizing Oasis Hotels and Resorts’ Google Ads campaigns has helped drive the chain’s sales through 2021.

  • +400% increase in bookings in 2021 vs. 2020
  • -14% campaign acquisition cost in 2021 vs 2020
  • ROI of 1:10 (10usd received per 1usd invested)

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“With the increase in demand and interest in travel, it is key that hotels bet decisively on online advertising, reactivating investments in case they have not already done so. As a digital marketing agency specialized in hotels, at Roiback Digital we are committed to the constant analysis of market trends and optimization in real time to ensure the maximum return on investment possible.” Felipe Bravo, Head of Roiback Digital.


Laura Oliver Beltránjunio 16, 2021