5 steps to implement a sustainability strategy for your hotel 

At Roiback we are committed to the environment and social responsibility. We transfer this commitment to our internal policies and also to the service we offer our clients.

Together with Ético and Bioscore, two specialized companies, we offer hotels and chains an advisory service and implementation of sustainability plans.

The aim is to help you adapt to a growing market demand and to gain the loyalty of a traveler who is increasingly aware and demanding in terms of the environment and social responsibility.

Today we present the 5 steps we will help you take to implement a sustainability plan for your hotel.

Let’s get started…

1. Know your hotel’s current sustainability situation.

To start on the road to sustainability, the first step is to identify your hotel’s current situation: water and electricity use, carbon footprint calculation or documenting your current Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

Collecting and analyzing the main social, economic and environmental aspects of the organization will give you a starting point on how to build a strategy and action plan.

2. Create a strategy and action plan

Once you have identified your current situation you will move on to action, building a strategy, objectives and an action plan that defines the direction you need to take.

This action plan should identify areas for improvement, define clear objectives to be achieved and establish initiatives to help you move from words to deeds.

At this stage of the process it is also important that you put in place an internal training plan so that your employees are aware of the objectives and importance of your sustainability and social responsibility strategy.

3. Measure and evaluate your plan on an ongoing basis.

It is important that you set implementation deadlines and check, one by one, that the milestones and actions you have defined in your plan are being carried out.

As you progress in the implementation of your roadmap, you will also identify new areas of improvement and opportunity that you can incorporate into your strategy and plan.

4. Communicate, communicate, and don’t stop communicating your plan to your employees and the marketplace!

Communicating with your employees, customers and the market in general will help you position your hotel as a sustainable and responsible organization. You will take an important step to enhance your value proposition at a time when respect for the environment and social responsibility have gained fundamental importance among employees and consumers.

Your team is the visible face of your establishment and therefore it is important that they know the value of the actions you carry out. Committed employees will be the best ambassador of your brand and sustainability strategy.

5. Make sustainability a part of your hotel’s DNA.

Your sustainability action plan is an ongoing effort that must be integrated into the strategy, culture and values of your organization. Sustainability must be part of the daily life of your hotel and your employees.

Would you prefer to watch this content on video? Then press play! Laura Garrido (Ético’s CEO) and Víctor Monzón (Bioscore’s CEO) explain everything in 2 minutes.

If you want us to help you implement a sustainability and social responsibility strategy and plan, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Laura Oliver Beltránseptiembre 15, 2021