Bizum: the mobile payment that allows you to offer more options and better service to your customers

Bizum payment has become one of the most widely used payment options. It offers an instant, easy and secure option for mobile payments, hence its success, as it has already surpassed 10 million users.

A few months ago, Bizum announced its jump to e-commerce with the launch of its e-commerce payment functionality. Since then, at Roiback we have been working so that you can incorporate this payment method to your hotel.

Bizum is positioned as a clear alternative to card payments, since it is only necessary to have Bizum active in the bank account and the cell phone at hand to confirm the transaction and the money travels to the hotel account.

When the customer is already in the last step of the reservation to confirm the payment, it will be enough to indicate their phone number and the Bizum key. At that moment, they will receive a code on their cell phone to confirm the transaction and voilà, the reservation will be confirmed and the establishment will receive the amount in their account.

All this in compliance with the European PSD2 regulation on security and data processing.

Ask your DCS at Roiback about the next steps to be able to offer Bizum as a payment method in your hotel.

Laura Oliver Beltránoctubre 1, 2020