Black Friday 2020: hotel direct channel drives encouraging results

Black Friday has given us many reasons for optimism. 

Despite the current uncertainty, Black Friday 2020 has confirmed the trend in the hotel sector and highlights the strength of the direct channel in these times where intermediation is not able to help hotels fill the void left by the crisis.

Aggregating the figures for all destinations where Roiback has a presence, sales on Black Friday 2020 have increased by 22% compared to the 2019 campaign, although results vary depending on the socio-sanitary situation of each destination and its issuing markets.

Spectacular growth in Mexico

Mexico is the only destination with an increase in production over Black Friday 2019. Driven by the U.S. (+200% in bookings vs 2019) and Mexican markets (+50% in bookings vs 2019) and a growing trend to book direct, Mexico has shown extraordinary growths.

In South America, the figures are close to those of 2019, and show a very positive path towards recovery. It is worth noting that Colombia – one of the main destinations in the region – is still affected by the health situation in many of its source markets.

Spain obtains encouraging results

Confirming the upward trend of recent weeks, results in Spain are very positive, approaching Black Friday 2019 figures.
Taking into account the health uncertainty in both destination Spain and its main issuing markets, we consider these figures as very positive. Among all markets, the UK market (-7% vs 2019) has best contained the decline, in part spurred by the lifting of the lockdown in that country on December 2.
All other outbound markets (including domestic) have experienced declines in bookings although the upward trend – and optimism – is confirmed.

Black Friday 2020: the example to follow for the direct channel

As we indicated a few weeks ago in our quick guide to a winning Black Friday, this period was presented as a lifeline for hotels. And so it has been.

65% of hotels that have implemented specific strategies for Black Friday 2020 have seen their sales – and their net profits – grow compared to the same period in 2019.

By maintaining discipline in favor of your direct channel, and taking more control over your hotel distribution, you’ll be able to create many Black Fridays throughout the rest of the year.

While across-the-board discounts are not good long-term travel companions, many of the levers that have made Black Friday 2020 a success are perfectly replicable the rest of the year: added values unique to your hotel, positive disparities vs. intermediated channels, always-on digital marketing strategies that combine top, middle and bottom of funnel actions, and a loyalty program that boosts your sales and your brand.

Let’s work for it! If you are not yet a Roiback customer and you want us to help you transform your direct sales, do not hesitate to contact us.

Laura Oliver Beltrándiciembre 1, 2020