Enjoy our innovative payment management system free of charge for 3 months

  • Enjoy 3 months of free use of Epayments Manager and test the tool and all its functionalities. Offer valid until September 30, 2020.
  • The more than 2,000 hotels that collaborate with Roiback can now manage collections in a much more flexible way, allowing them to improve their conversion rate, reduce fraud and increase security.
  • It exponentially improves the operations of the establishments as it can be used in an automated way, streamlining the collection process and improving the efficiency of the process.
  • The innovative system will help the hotel industry to recover by allowing the splitting of payments for reservations, creating specific collection rules and facilitating card payments.

    Roiback, a specialist and leader in the management of the direct sales channel for hotels, has announced the launch of ePayments Manager, an innovative system that allows hoteliers to split payments and offer new and much more flexible payment methods to their customers, a solution that is both necessary and requested by consumers in the current circumstances. This will transform direct sales and help the hotel industry recover by improving the efficiency of the process and saving hoteliers time and effort.

    Hotels collaborating with Roiback will be able to define not only the amount to be charged at the time of booking or the next day, but also what other amounts and on what dates prior to arrival will be charged. This will help improve the hotel’s liquidity by making money available in advance of non-refundable and semi-flexible bookings.

    In order for you to test the tool and all its functionalities, we offer you free use of ePayments Manager for 3 months in all hotels of your hotel or chain for 3 months.

    The offer is valid until September 30 of 2020 and includes set-up, system configuration and a training session. Contact your DCS to activate ePayments Manager.

    Discover ePayments Manager. A world of benefits to transform your direct sales, increase your liquidity and reduce the operational burden on your processing and receiving teams:

    Helps increase conversion.

    This enhancement helps increase the conversion rate of prepaid bookings by offering a flexible payment method that guarantees the collection of an amount at the time of booking. In addition, it allows decoupling the time of booking from the time of payment, increasing the conversion rate by reducing friction and eliminating the need for online payment.

    Reduces the risk of fraud

    ePayments Manager helps reduce the risk of fraud considerably. The customer’s credit card is validated at the time of booking and a customer authentication and pre-authorization is performed. This process will be mandatory when PSD2 regulations are implemented. If the card appears as “denied” at the time of payment, ePayments Manager allows to easily replace the card with another one by sending an email from the system with a “payment link”, which replaces the card to which the pending charges of that reservation will be launched.

    Complies with the European PSD2 standard

    Integrated into Roiback’s CRS, ePayments Manager can manage reservations with all credit and debit cards, is connected to payment service providers worldwide and complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and PSD2 (Payment Service Providers 2).

    Improving hotel operations

    Finally, the hotel’s operations are streamlined exponentially, making it more flexible in managing cash receipts and returns transactions from Roiback’s CRS. The ePayments Manager can be used in manual monitoring mode or in automated mode, so that all collections are launched on the scheduled date (pay days), thus streamlining collection management.

    It is also designed to be able to re-launch any failed collection, reclaim a collection from the customer in case of a rejection, charge an amount that the customer did not pay at the hotel or collect a no-show. It also allows any refunds to be made to the customer’s card, without the need to see the user’s credit card details at any time.

    Contact your DCS to get started with ePayments Manager activation!

Laura Oliver Beltránjulio 20, 2020