Join trivago CPA!

As we informed you a few months ago, trivago has launched its CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model, with the CPA model you only pay a commission for each booking made, unlike the CPC (cost per click) model where you pay an amount for each click made on your ads, regardless of whether that click generates a booking or not. One of the leading metasearch engines in the market, trivago can be a key lever to increase traffic to your hotel’s website, especially now when demand is starting to pick up. When this model was launched in October 2020, the risk of having to pay a commission even on cancelled bookings was, in our opinion, too high. Now that cancellation rates have stabilized, and given the general increase in marketing investment by both hotels and OTAs, we at Roiback believe the time is right to activate trivago bidding. The trivago to CPA model will allow you to benefit from a much more profitable and secure model than the CPC (cost per click) model. Contact your Direct Channel Specialist for advice on the most appropriate strategy to implement the trivago CPA model in your hotel.

Laura Oliver Beltránmayo 3, 2021