Bet on sustainability and power the value of your brand

Certify and manage your hotel’s environmental policy with Roiback and Bioscore for free.

At Roiback we have reached an exclusive agreement with Bioscore, the first Spanish platform that offers a sustainability certification and software dedicated to advising hotel companies to achieve their sustainable development and social responsibility objectives.

We are committed to promoting the transformation of the sector towards a reality more focused on sustainability and social responsibility.

That is why we have reached an agreement with Bioscore, a pioneering platform in the sector, so that you can easily and free of charge obtain a seal certifying your environmental practices.

Bet on sustainability. Your brand and your business will benefit!

The conservation of the environment has become a matter of vital importance in our societies. There are already many companies that are betting on a more sustainable management of their activity and with less environmental impact.

There are also many travelers who value sustainability when making their reservation decisions. In Germany 57% of travelers attach importance to the fact that the stay in an establishment is socially responsible and respectful with the environment (ReiseAnalyse 2019).

Implementing a sustainability and social responsibility strategy will help you to capture a growing demand and, above all, to retain the loyalty of that traveler who is increasingly aware and demanding in environmental matters.

The tourism sector – undoubtedly a great source of jobs and economic growth – contributes to 5% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world (Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership 2019). For its part, the World Tourism Association indicates that in order to comply with the Paris Agreement, the hotel sector must reduce its emissions per room per year by 90% by 2050, compared to 2010 levels.

Roiback and Bioscore help you advance, at your pace and needs, towards sustainability, so that you can strengthen your brand and your business on a green and socially responsible basis.

Certify your hotel as sustainable for free.

With Bioscore you can obtain a distinctive seal, certifying your sustainability and corporate social responsibility policy, simply and free of charge.

To obtain the Bioscore seal you do not need to have advanced sustainability practices. The seal and the use of the tools that Bioscore puts at your disposal will help you advance on the path to sustainability, sometimes complex task, especially for small chains and independent hotels.

In addition, if you register and obtain the Bioscore seal through this link, you will be able to benefit from the use of the Bioscore Software Cloud for 30 days at no cost.

This software helps you to prepare sustainability reports and manage your ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) data, in addition to the more than 100 qualitative and quantitative indicators that you can manage according to your needs.

Once registered, Bioscore will contact you and indicate the steps to follow.

Let’s work together to continue building the brand and value of your hotel based on criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Get the Bioscore seal of sustainability for your hotel for free, here:

Irene Arribasfebrero 10, 2021

Irene Arribas

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