Google Hotel Ads include children to it’s occupancy filter

Another innovation in Google Hotel Ads, and there have been few ones these months!

Including children into it’s occupancy filter Google seeks to improve the search experience for family accommodation.

Previously, it was only possible to indicate the number of adults in the occupancy filter (1, 2, 3 or 4 adults). Now the user can identify the number of children and their ages, increasing the capacity from 4 to 6.

Around 20% of travelers who book a hotel do so with children, this update is great news for hoteliers. Now they will have better visibility for their official website, both in brand and destination searches, and they will be able to eliminate OTA’s from the equation once the filter is used.

Without a doubt a great innovation that has been claimed for a long time.


Irene Arribasmarzo 24, 2021

Irene Arribas

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