We add a security plus in the operation of visualization of credit or debit cards in Roiback’s CRS

The last 26th of January we modified the operations for displaying credit and debit card data in Roiback’s CRS, allowing a safety management of the collection process.

The system now requires a double – authentication and unique credentials (associated to an email) for each CRS user, in order to view credit and debit card details.

This process applies to those chains that are not still using a payment gateway to manage booking charges.

Learn how the process works, step by step!

1. First of all, to access the CRS the user must introduce his password.

2. When the user wants to enter to Bookings section -> ‘View card details’ he has to introduce the booking confirmation code to be able to view card details.

3. The CRS user will automatically recieve an email with an activation code, (always to the email associated with the CRS user).

4. This six-digit activation code must be entered in the corresponding box of the CRS.

5. Once the activation code has been entered, the CRS will create a security code that will appear on the screen and the user must copy and paste it to have access to the card details.

6. Once all the steps are complete, the user will be able to visualize the credit or debit card details.

If you need more information about how it works and the benefits it offers, do not hesitate to contact your Roiback Direct Channel Specialist.

Irene Arribasfebrero 8, 2021

Irene Arribas

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