Practical guide to choose a chatbot for your hotel website

A chatbot with advanced technology and with a proper configuration is able to solve more than 80% of the doubts and queries made by your hotel’s potential customers. In addition, 45% of the requests received by a chatbot end up in a search for availability and prices.

In other words, a chatbot can be a very important tool to help you increase the conversion of your website and streamline customer service processes.

Today we explain what you should consider when choosing the best chatbot solution for your hotel.

First of all, what is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated messaging service that allows your hotel to have a conversation with a user, helping them to resolve doubts and guiding them to make a reservation.

In addition to your hotel’s website, a chatbot with advanced functionality is integrated into different communication channels such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram or WeChat, among others.

And unlike a live chat, which requires the intervention of call center agents or the reception team, with the chatbot the assistance is fully automated.

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What are the advantages of a chatbot for your hotel?

You will get to know the users interacting with your website better.

Chatbots capture valuable data about users as they interact with them. They classify the data to know the most common queries and understand what information they are looking for. By analyzing the results, you will be able to identify the most common problems or questions among users and take the necessary measures to solve them.

You will increase your sales

Chatbots offer immediate support to potential customers who visit your website: they answer their questions instantly and guide them through the booking process, which generates new sales opportunities and improves conversions.

Improve customer service

Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, chatbots respond quickly to each of the questions asked by users, eliminating tedious waits in online conversations.

Save staff and service costs

By automating customer service processes, chatbots allow you to save costs and reduce the time customer service agents spend solving simple problems. Your hotel’s customer service staff can concentrate on higher value-added tasks, solving problems that require human intervention.

You will improve customer satisfaction and experience

Chatbots respond to user queries with the answers you choose, instantly and in multiple languages. In addition, they use machine learning to learn from past conversations and thus improve the quality of responses and user service.

How to choose a chatbot for your hotel?

These are the main functionalities you should look for when choosing a chatbot for your hotel:

  • Perform real-time availability and price searches.

It is important that your chatbot has an integration with your booking engine so that availability and price queries can be made in real time. This will allow you to increase conversion rates and suggest alternative dates in case of unavailability, among other things.

In addition, the direct integration between the chatbot and your booking engine allows you to offer prices by market, device (desktop or mobile), recognize your loyalty program users and redeem promotional codes, among other things.

  • Question and answer personalization capabilities.

The more information you can offer the user through your chatbot, the better service you will offer to your potential customers and the greater the chances that they will resolve their doubts and end up making a reservation.

  • Understand conversations with the user and identify their intentions.

Many chatbots already have artificial intelligence algorithms to learn from past conversations. This allows them to respond to more and more queries and questions as users ask them.

  • Ability to record the most common questions and queries.

A chatbot must record the history of conversations and queries, structuring and ordering the information so that you can consume it, analyze it and detect areas of opportunity or doubts that have not been covered by the tool. This will allow you to adapt elements such as the content of your website, your pricing policy or the offers you make to the trends you identify with your users.

  • In addition to text, you can show images, links or pdfs to users.

In this way, you will have the flexibility to show more visual and impactful content to influence the user’s decision making.

  • Multilingual system, capable of detecting the customer’s navigation language.

Simple but effective, this will make the chatbot and therefore your hotel, more relevant to the user, which will improve their experience and perception of the service received.

  • Call me back” functionality.

In case of not finding an answer with the chatbot, calling back allows the user to contact a person from your hotel to solve more complex doubts.  This functionality will also allow you to collect user contact data for later use in commercial or marketing actions.

  • Ability to measure chatbot KPIs.

Knowing the main metrics will allow you to evaluate the performance of the solution.  The most common metrics you will be interested in knowing are: average duration of queries, most frequently asked questions, most used markets or languages in the communication flow, conversion ratio of conversations into bookings, and average value of bookings, among other things.

At Roiback we are integrated with the main Chatbot solutions for hotels, and we can help you choose the most suitable solution for your needs and technical requirements.

Laura Oliver Beltránjulio 20, 2021