Roiback and DerbySoft sign a partnership

This partnership provide hoteliers with artificial intelligence and machine learning to help them maximize metasearch marketing ROIs.

Roiback, a market-leading technology company specialized in powering direct sales for independent hotels and chains, announces a partnership with DerbySoft, a leader in high-performance distribution services for hotels.

Roiback will provide hoteliers with its proprietary direct connectivity platform, Metabase, as well as DerbySoft’s CLICK Digital Suite, which uses advanced AI and machine learning to automate campaign management, reduce bidding costs and processes, and increase overall ROI on meatsearch investments.

Amongst many other things, the combination of Roiback Metabase and DerbySoft CLICK will provide the following benefits:

  • Fast and streamlined campaign creation across the market’s major metasearch platforms.
  • Advanced campaign bidding tools using machine learning algorithms.
  • Automated budget allocation, based on metasearch performance and predefined investment objectives.
  • Fully customized reports and dashboards, and the ability to automate report-delivery, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • The highest granularity of automated bidding and budget allocation in the market such as price competitiveness data, occupancy rates, cancellation rates, audiences, etc. to improve bid strategies. [We think this point might be interesting.
  • Access to complementary metasearch channels like Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements, Google Promoted Hotels, Trivago Sponsored Listings and Kayak Inline Ads.

Metasearch engines have quickly become one of the most important distribution channels for hoteliers.

During this pandemic-hit period, hoteliers have continued to use metasearch engines, favoring conservative cost-per-click models – in which hoteliers pay a commission only for confirmed stays – over riskier cost-per-acquisition models.

As the market stabilises, cost-per-click models will gradually gain more ground (as hoteliers favour more proactive bidding strategies), and with them, the need for more intelligent and efficient tools to simplify processes and get the most buck-for-the money on metasearch investments.

Kenichiro Nishizu, President DerbySoft Marketing Services at DerbySoft, said “combined with Roiback’s leading Distribution technology and expertise with DerbySoft’s advanced Digital Suite, we are confident that this partnership will provide hoteliers with a powerful competitive advantage to help hoteliers increase their campaign ROIs.”

Rebeca González, Managing Director at Roiback, said “at Roiback we like to work with the best. That is the reason why we have chosen DerbySoft. This collaboration brings together two tourism technology leaders to help hotels improve their direct channel performance and profitability.”

Irene Arribas

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