Roiback launches Loyaltyadvance

  • ​Loyalty Advance allows hotels to segment their customers in a more effective way and offer advantages and specific commercial conditions according to the type of customer.
  • Loyalty programs are essential tools to personalize customer messages and experience, and exponentially increase the profitability of the direct channel of hotels, helping to redirect customers captured through other channels to the direct channel.
  • The average spending of a loyal customer is 67% more than that of a standard one, and with a length of stay 11% higher.

Roiback, specialist and leader in the management of the direct channel for  hotels, announces the launch of Loyalty Advance, the latest evolution of its loyalty program.

Concluding a process of constant innovation, Loyalty Advance offers new features and a better user experience for hotels and chains:

  • User levels, according to their degree of loyalty.
  • Discounts, rates or specific perks for each user level.
  • Automatic loyalty rules which allow to apply advantages to each customer based on the value of each customer.
  • Customer area accessible through log-in on the hotel’s website with different sections: user profile, loyalty level, exclusive advantages, personal information and my bookings.
  • Ready-to-use integration with complementary solutions such as online check-in or WIFI CRM, which enhance the data capture of all guests and their registration in the hotel or chain loyalty program.
  • Available integration with some CRMs and APIs for connection with any CRM or external system, integrating all the data associated with the loyalty program: members, history, levels or bookings.

A loyalty program – equipped with exclusive direct channel differentials and combined with a CRM solution and strategy – becomes a fundamental and indispensable tool to recognize customers, personalize messages and user experience, and to increase exponentially the profitability of the hotels direct channel.

In the current context, loyalty has vital importance for hoteliers. And the figures speak for themselves: the average cost of a loyal customer is 67% more than of a non-loyal one, with an 11% longer stay time; the cost of acquiring a loyal customer is up to 10 times less than of a non-loyal customer; A loyal customer will book 10 times more during their life cycle than a non-loyal customer.

Loyalty Advance is part of Roiback’s commitment to provide its clients with the most advanced tools on the market to personalize, to segment and to improve the final consumer experience. The objective is clear: to increase the share of the direct channel, the conversion rates, the value of the bookings and the liquidity of Roiback clients, in the current context where each reservation counts”, said Leonardo Llorente, Head of Product Innovation at Roiback.

Laura Oliver Beltránjulio 10, 2020