We strengthen our strategic agreement with Tripadvisor to offer you better services at exclusive prices

We have strengthened our strategic agreement with Tripadvisor, the most visited travel platform in the world, with 415 million unique users per month on average, in 49 markets.

From Roiback we will distribute Tripadvisor products and services globally – with exclusivity in Southern Europe – at the best price in the market and with exclusive offers.

If you contract a Tripadvisor product through us, you will receive all the necessary support for the implementation, as well as constant advice on best practices and developments.

We will manage your billing with Tripadvisor, simplifying the processes and providing greater agility and flexibility in the payment process.

Check out the Tripadvisor products that we will distribute on a preferential basis!

Business Advantage Preferred Access
Allows you to promote your hotel on Tripadvisor with features such as special offers, highlight your favorite review and add your contact information (email, phone, website).

Sponsored placements
Allows your property to gain visibility and rank higher in search results by optimizing ads to only show when your hotel matches the user’s search criteria (budget, amenities and services, among other things).

Your establishment can also benefit from predictive analytics that determine the most opportune moment to show the ad and, therefore, increase visibility and chances of closing a sale.

Reputation Pro
Offers a centralized dashboard from where you can manage and respond to comments in real time, coming from Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor, reducing reputation management times.

This agreement with Tripadvisor reinforces the strategic collaboration that dates back to 2015, when in Roiback we made the direct integration of our engine to display rates from the direct channel of hotels in Tripadvisor Tripconnect.

Laura Oliver Beltránmayo 5, 2021