Backhotel Lite, a successful solution for hoteliers

The continuous changes in the hotel marketing industry require the development of new strategies in order to achieve the objectives that every hotel has. For Roiback, it is essential to be up-to-date to offer each hotelier what they need to provide their clients with the best experience on their website and booking through the direct channel.

BackHotel Lite is a consequence of this reflection: offering each hotel what they need. Our technology is adapted into a complete and simple version developed to persuade users to live a different and unique web experience in any query support, as well as to facilitate the experience of search engines like Google in its tracking process.

We are proud to share that BackHotel Lite responds to the expectations of customers who trust in us. The creation of websites such as Blau Punta Reina Resort, an exceptional resort for families and couples located in Porto Cristo, Mallorca, makes it easy for its users to enjoy navigation, content and design, always oriented towards sale.

Having an individual website per hotel allows completing the online marketing strategy of any hotel chain with a web support that intensifies the existing visibility where it is profitable (searches by brand), it also helps grow in segments in which the hotel chain may lack visible online presence (generic searches), facilitates a comprehensive and proactive management of various families of online marketing in order to generate sales in the direct channel, reduces intermediation costs and dependence on OTAs, has a very easy management in both CMS as in CRS… in conclusion, opting on an individual website is a way to introduce the hotelier in contexts to generate branding, sales and qualified traffic in segments of high added value.

I said before that we are very satisfied with the response we have had and we want to synthesize some of the characteristics of this technological solution thought for any hotelier that encounters BackHotel Lite:

• Quick implementation > In just a few days you will have your project online and will start to receive additional direct bookings.

• Easy to book > With a simple and powerful booking interface, customers book in 3 steps and without difficult forms.

• Easy to set up > The solution is designed to pay only for what you need.

• High conversion > Without a doubt, we have the best booking engine in the market.

• Pre-stay e-mail > You can communicate with customers through a welcome e-mail days before your arrival at the hotel.

• Customer modules > The place where you can manage different rates, advantages and conditions for your direct channel customers.

• Markets > Always maximize your sales by setting prices according to the different markets where you are present.

• Connect with TripAdvisor > Connect your hotel with TripAdvisor to appear on their search results.

• WIHP > The platform where you can connect, manage and monitor the main meta search engines.

• Booking Engine – Mobilis > Desktop and, of course, mobile. Our web solution is specifically designed and developed for your customers to find you, enjoy and book with their mobile.

• Channels Managers > Connectivity is always key. You can integrate and connect your Channel Manager with us to manage and update your inventory as many times as you need.

• POS terminals > Have visibility, offer a positive user experience… and charge. Connect your hotel with payment gateways. So you can anticipate liquidity on the bookings made.

• THN & Triptease > Users compare prices to get the best benefits. We help you find, monitor and highlight the advantages of your official website.

If you want to know more about what we can offer you with BackHotel Lite, please contact us. For sure we can help you.

James Metzgerabril 26, 2018

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.