Cancun hoteliers interested in the digital era

We can confirm that our well-known roadshow organized jointly with our friends from Beonprice, is a resounding success. Last Friday we celebrated in Mexico, specifically in the city of Cancun, the last working breakfast for hoteliers. The event took place at the Hotel Krystal Urban in the city of the Riviera Maya and attended on behalf of Roiback, participating in an excellent presentation, our partner and head of expansion and business development in America, Toni Omañas.

Also, during the workshop we had the pleasure to hear some interesting presentations by David Guerra, LATAM Account Manager of Beonprice, Romain Varchetta, Google’s Strategic Partner Manager and Vanessa Mariscal, Promotion Manager of Cancun Hotel Association and Puerto Morelos. They spoke to the hoteliers about the importance of learning new methodologies in order to adapt to the needs demanded by today’s market.

The Mexican region has had no growth problems in recent years and the results confirm an occupation close to 90% at the present time. Undoubtedly, hoteliers are doing a great job in the way they are managing their hotel resorts. However, the working breakfast has provided them more light on how they could improve the use of their technology to obtain better profitability in the medium and long term.

Toni Omañas spoke among other interesting issues about the imperative need for hotels to have an optimal mobile solution:

We need to focus everything on a mobile version because we are aware that the large volume of traffic is generated this way.

During his talk, Omañas highlighted the generational change between digital natives and digital immigrants and the barrier it implies.

There are still some organizations that find it hard to join this digital run because there are managers with decision-making power who still do not understand very well what and why they have to invest in Digital.

Omañas also mentioned the different distribution channels that the hotelier can boost, but mainly on the direct channel, which prevails before the others. Omañas ended by saying that:

…the client is always from the hotel and, for this reason, hoteliers have the obligation to retain the customer to make him repeat and be a hotel prescriber.

James Metzgerjulio 30, 2018

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.