Colombian hoteliers willing to digitally transform their properties

Last week we celebrated the last working breakfast for hoteliers in Medellin, within the roadshow we have carried out in Colombia to present the country’s entrepreneurs the knowledge to adapt to the current market needs and how to use the necessary tools to sale through the direct channel and optimize the profitability of their properties.

During the tour in which we have participated in the last two months with Beonprice, COTELCO (Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia), Google and The Hotels Network, we have been able to visit the capital Bogotá, Cartagena and finally, Medellín.

Our Head of Expansion and Business Development in the Americas, Toni Omañas, shared with the members of the hotel sector in Colombia all his expertise on the different distribution channels in the new digital era and spoke about how to use these channels in order to take advantage of their businesses.

Among the key points to achieve greater profitability of hotel marketing, Toni stressed that «it is essential to know about marketing, real marketing. In addition, it is another type of marketing in which the client can no longer be harassed or bombarded with messages that we believe inspire. Now it is necessary to undertake directed actions to find the curious and needy customer, who is looking for online to be satisfied with the perfect option to the model of travel or vacations that himself has created with all the information received in the new areas where he is surrounded.»

Furthermore, Toni added that «the client is now closer than ever to the hotel, at the mere distance of a click, if I am allowed the topic. The hotel must be involved in this new model of Inbound Marketing and implement all those tools and solutions within their reach to be shown as a candidate and relative to what the client is looking for. He must know perfectly his buyer person and direct all efforts and budgets towards him.»

Summarizing, the three events that we have organized together with Beonprice in Colombia had a fantastic reception among the assistants of the hotel sector in the Latin American country and have shown all their interest to digitally transform their businesses and adapt to the new needs of the market.

James Metzgermayo 28, 2018

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.