New pre and post-stay email design

We have recently released a new design and layout in the pre-stay and post-stay emails, functionality that we offer completely free to all our customers and represent two critical points of contact in the customer’s journey.

The renewal of both versions with the new look and feel adapts better to the customer needs thanks to a more attractive and functional design than the previous versions.

The pre-stay email allows you to establish a first contact after the reservation date. This email has a modern and dynamic design that allows brand customization, in addition to the personalization of textual and visual content. The sending of the email is totally configurable, being able to choose its delivery between 2 and 7 days before the arrival of the client to the hotel. In this first communication link, the client receives additional information about some of the services and extra products offered by the property. In addition, we provide the contact details of the hotel, a summary of the reservation as a reminder to the client and a map with simple steps on how to get to the hotel. In short, this implies a qualitative change in the personalization of the brand and content. All this information is of course adapted to mobile devices, whether the web is responsive or has the Mobilis Pro version of Roiback installed.

The post-stay email may be the most important form of communication to establish a relationship with guests. In addition, it allows us to receive client’s opinions about their stay at the hotel. The main objective is to get a good relationship with your customers through a personalized treatment and encourage them to repeat. After all, repeating customers are the ones that spend the most on their stays at the hotel and help significantly increase the hotel’s benefits by recommending and writing opinions or comments on their experiences during their stay. This enables us to support and improve loyalty programs results. We can also reward our clients by offering them a promocode for their next reservations.

Finally, we encourage all of our collaborators to have this functionality activated because it is a sales lever that will help you establish a trusting relationship with your customers from the start and improve your loyalty strategy, since, through creative communication, personalized and human, you can get customers to repeat stay in your property.

Irene Arribasmayo 17, 2019

Irene Arribas

New Media & Content Executive. Irene (BA in Journalism) knows that her passion is the world of communications and public relations. She thinks the key to succeed in this field is as simple as 'being happy and inspire.'