The optimization of channels and commercialization of hotels was the star topic at the working breakfast held in Bogotá

Roiback, Beonprice and Google jointly organized a working breakfast yesterday attended by more than 75 representatives of the hotel sector who filled the capacity and followed with great interest the presentations of each speaker, participating proactively in the question-and-answer session afterwards.

The event that was held at the Bogota Plaza Hotel in the Colombian capital, also had the support of COTELCO (Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia). It was Luis Alejandro Pico, Director of studies and research at COTELCO, the first to take the stage and spoke about the innovation and technological development plan within the Colombian hotel industry.

Rubén Sánchez, CEO of Beonprice, the Salamanca based technology company that specializes in the hotel sector and uses Big Data techniques to show rooms availability, demand, prices of competitors and disparities, focused his speech on how to achieve the best price management based on demand and also on the current market competition.

Toni Omañas, our Head of Americas & New Markets Developments, spoke about the benefits of the direct channel and its convenient strategic treatment compared to other distribution channels. During his talk, Omañas referred to the current interrelation between direct sales and OTAs.

«Collaboration with the distribution or intermediation channels is very necessary and beneficial for the hotel as long as it is managed with criteria and commercial coherence. The B2C or B2B collaborators deserve the commission given to them because they carry out an essential task based on getting the hotel where they can’t be by their own means. However, that agreement is breached when the OTAs approach or pretend to the client that is within reach of the hotel. In that case, they are breaking the rules of the game,» said Omañas.

Furthermore, Omañas highlighted how important and necessary is for hoteliers to have a web solution focused exclusively on the mobile device as well as improving customer loyalty in their establishments.

«A client is part of the hotel from the moment he arrives at the reception. The agencies have already fulfilled their mission so they will be satisfied with the agreed commissions. It is from that moment when the hotel must fulfill its duties to satisfy and retain. Let’s break the paradigm that the client is from the OTAs, the OTAs are just a channel that the guest has used to get to the hotel,» said Omañas.

Finally, Gabriel Parra, Google’s Strategic Partner Manager in Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean, closed the presentation session with an interesting talk about the importance of maximum exposure of the brand so that this translates into increased traffic or visits to the websites of the hotels.

James Metzgermarzo 22, 2018

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.