Tic-Tac-Tic-Tac… Black Friday is coming!


It’s been several years now since Black Friday has crossed the American border and has been established around the world. The numbers are impressive:

  • Searches related to BF offers have multiplied x4 since 2014.
  • The official day of BF accounts for 22% of the total searches. The rest is concentrated in the 5 days before/after.
  • Mobile traffic represents more than half of BF searches for the travel sector.



Hotel chains that collaborate with Roiback and made Black Friday promotions in 2017 obtained spectacular results.

  • The bookings increased by +83% compared to the previous period.
  • During the campaign, 24% of the reservations corresponded with BF offers.
  • The average stay increased by +13% thanks to the offers.



The ‘Buen Fin’ takes place in Mexico this year from November 16 to 19 and expected economic figures are very promising. In 2018 an increase in revenue of 5% is expected in relation to the previous year where sales of 93 billion pesos were generated.

Watch out for Cyber Monday that this year falls on November 26. In the US and Canada the interest is already greater than Black Friday where offers and promotions work exceptionally well.

Here at Roiback we don’t want you to lose this sales opportunity and we encourage you to start with the following actions:

  • Promote different offers and exclusive discounts during these dates (free night and breakfast, transfers to the hotel, free upgrade, etc).
  • Create exclusive rates or promotional codes.
  • Customize an original and attractive image to give your promotions more visibility.
  • Differentiate yourself in the subject mail and don’t go unnoticed.
  • Check the availability in your hotels during this period.
  • Reward your loyal customers by activating the offer 24 hours before.
  • Create Pop-ups informing about Black Friday offers.
  • Send Newsletters if you have a powerful database and don’t forget to promote your actions in Social Media.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and contact your Direct Channel Specialist to start the campaigns today and increase your sales!

Irene Arribasnoviembre 7, 2018

Irene Arribas

New Media & Content Executive. Irene (BA in Journalism) knows that her passion is the world of communications and public relations. She thinks the key to succeed in this field is as simple as 'being happy and inspire.'