Voice search, one of Roiback’s new features for this year

The Lunch & Networking event (online hotel marketing, present and future) organized jointly by Roiback and Google and held last week in Fitur, was a great success and all the attendees were able to know more about the current digital transformation in the tourism sector.

During the meeting, which was attended by about 70 guests, they talked about business opportunities in the digital world and the impact of technology on brand recognition. The hoteliers present in the event were also able to discover in detail the potential of their companies in digital and also how to make their brands impact potential customers.

The speeches were given by Rebecca Gonzalez, Managing Director of Roiback; Romain Varchetta, Partner Manager Google France-EMEA Travel leader; and Pablo Ruiz, Travel Vertical Search Specialist Google EMEA.

In her presentation, Rebeca explained some of the changes that emerged in the digital era since she joined the tourism sector more than 25 years ago until the present day.

«The digital age revolves around new technologies and Internet and it is clear that it has transformed and continues to transform the habits, language and lives of people. It is an indisputable fact that the most advanced companies in digital innovation get real competitive advantages said Rebeca.

Rebecca added that «we are in a time that communication is instantaneous and global, which means that companies can establish a relationship with the customer and a more intense experience and most importantly: bidirectional.»

«It is all about working in three areas and in the most efficient way possible said Rebeca:

TRAFFIC: How do I get my potential clients to know that I exist and see me?

CONVERSION: How do I convert those visits into actual bookings?

LOYALTY: How do I get my clients back?

She also confessed that «the current pace of change is unprecedented in history, implying that companies need to create flexible and dynamic structures, processes and technologies in a constant process of adaptation

And also mentioned that «we must pay attention to technological investments, as there are chains and hotels investing a lot in technology without understanding well that what is valid today is obsolete tomorrow

«We understand that we are in total embryonic phase in the digital transformation so it is difficult to predict what will happen. We have to make sure that our technological partner has the concern and commitment to evolve with the winning trends and this is something that Roiback has internalized and we gave form to it a few years ago with the creation of Roiback Lab

Understanding this uncertainty in the medium and long term, announced the technological projects in which Roiback is working today:

  • Mobilis: Market-leading mobile solution in response to the growth trend in the use of mobile and its particular needs. Notable for its high speed response and integrated AMP technology, optimized content with selected information, relevant and attractive and also for its easy usability, as an APP but without downloading.
  • Guest Experience: Improve the communication with the clients from the moment of the reservation and during their stay at the hotel. The chatbot is already a reality in Roiback. Clients can communicate through applications like Whatsapp with the hotel from the moment of the reservation and even make the reservation in the application and maintain that communication throughout their stay and continue it on their return. All this in PWA with no need to download any application.
  • New features such as loyalty modules, key to the hotel’s direct channel and its profitability, and also Voice Search, responding to the growing market of voice-controlled mobile devices. A comfortable and effective trend that will have a great impact in terms of SEO positioning.

On the other hand, during their presentations, both Romain and Pablo from Google, revealed some of the trends and new products of the American technological giant and the basis of its partnership with Roiback, focused primarily on the optimization and proper use by the hotels of the powerful tools of Google such as Google AdWords and Google Hotel Ads, among others, with the main goal of improving their direct sales.

Finally, the event ended with a distended lunch based on finger food and beverages, giving way to networking time, where the attendees were able to greet and exchange opinions.

James Metzgerenero 24, 2018

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.