Is your hotel prepared for the mobile?

Our colleagues Felipe Bravo and David Ezquerro, Head of Digital Marketing and Global Manager in Roiback respectively, jointly gave an excellent presentation yesterday at the Iberostar Cristina Hotel in Playa de Palma, within the working breakfasts for hoteliers that we have started this year visiting several cities in Colombia with our friends from Beonprice and The Hotels Network.

The event had a great reception among the hoteliers who filled the conference room to learn more about the essential technological needs they have to carry out for an effective management of their properties.

More than 50% of searches are made through mobile devices. Are you prepared? On this premise, both Felipe and David talked about the importance for the hoteliers to have the right solutions and their will to digitally transform their businesses in order to grow their direct channel.

During the presentation, both contributed interesting data to improve direct sales through a mobile strategy adapted with an increase in speed and an improvement in usability in order to offer an optimal user experience. They also highlighted the keys combining usability and functionality to increase mobile conversion rates. And also talked about the need to gain ground against the technology of the OTAs, performing A/B testing and adding loyalty modules on their websites so they get to know their customers better, improve the shopping experience and offer them advantages and special rates.

To resolve doubts about market demands during the next years and to talk about the best possible channeling and the optimization of profitability of hotel marketing, the session also featured presentations by Julia Rey, Training Director at Beonprice; Cinta Massó, Sales Director at The Hotels Network and the Consulting Director of Auren in the Balearic Islands, Antonio Viader.

Julia Rey began the round of talks, listing off the key factors to design the perfect forecast for the hotels. After the presentation of Felipe and David, attendees were able to enjoy breakfast prepared on the terrace of the Iberostar Cristina and took the opportunity to exchange views on the presentations in a relaxed manner. Next, Cinta Massó took the stage to talk about the conversion and personalization, some of the factors to be taken into account for direct sales. She spoke about predictive analytics and current technological advances, such as, machine learning. «98% of visitors leave the website without booking a room,» she said. Finally, Antonio Viader addressed the audience to talk about digital transformation as an opportunity. «The opportunity is to continually reinvent myself before others do it for me,» said the Director of the firm Auren in the Balearic Islands.

After this stop in Spain and taking into account the excellent reception we have received from hoteliers and their interest to digitally transform their properties, both in Colombia and in Palma, we will continue with the roadshow, this time again in Mexico.

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.