Eight reasons why your hotel should have an optimized call center

If you are trying to improve your results in the call center sales channel, here at Roiback we can help and advise you on how to achieve it. We are aware that it is one of the most important and significant sales channels and key to build customer loyalty. Next, we analyze the reasons why the call center sales channel should be optimized.


An optimal call center service will help you increase hotel billing, reduce costs and provide efficiency and quality both in time management and in the use of existing resources.

The ability of the call center to make strategic decisions is a differential fact. The possibility that the call center can carry out revenue campaigns, such as opaque rates and exclusive discounts, increases the conversion ratio and reduces cancellations by up to 20%.

Closing the sale of last available rooms, as well as cross-selling and offering up-selling in personalized attention, can increase the average price of the reservation by up to 60%.


Customer service is something key for a hotel. It is fixed cost that can be reduced if the service is outsourced. That being the case, we avoid other problems such as staff turnover and hiring costs.


Being innovative and having an advanced technology adds more value to the booking process. This modernization reduces the operational cost while increases the perception of value by customers. Managing missed calls in a call center is a strategic point in the relationship with customers. To avoid these cases, the peaks of calls that a call center may suffer must be controlled, with additional resources available to cover all the needs, as well as having a call back service to the client, so that no call is left without being attended.


A well-attended customer becomes a regular one. If the customer feels that he is really heard, and his query has been resolved, the satisfied client will return, and not only that, he will also recommend it to other people. Every call you lose is a lost sale. In addition, probably the customer who has called and has not been attended will not call again, and this will result in a negative loyalty. Remember that, on average, one out of four calls received by the hotel is a potential revenue generator.


The contact centers record all the calls made and this information can be very useful in making decisions by the hotelier. It should be noted that the large hotel chains already collaborate with outsourced companies to optimize their call center service, monitor analysis and prepare periodic reports to solve complaints, needs and opinions to the hotelier.


A satisfied client becomes an ambassador of the hotel. Sometimes the conversations that are generated (if they are positive), are the best publicity that a hotelier can have. Today, the immediacy and reach of the Internet can become an ally or the worst enemy, depending on the experience the client has had.


On numerous occasions, the property cannot properly attend their customers due to lack of time, overflow of calls, lack of resources, etc. And this can cause significant damage to the hotel. Therefore, optimizing this service can be very beneficial. A professional team specialized in customer service, has staff capable of optimally meet the needs of each client. According to our study, 6 out of 10 hotels do not have a specialized call center service.


An external and specialized call center improves the quality of the service, which, in turn, positively affects the customer's experience. On the other hand, if customers are attended by the reception, the time that you must use to attend customers who contact by phone, you take it away from the activity that takes place at the hotel reception. Keep in mind that both the customer who calls or the one at the reception are equally important. If they are not being taken care properly, they will have a bad experience.

Contact your DCS now to get more information about our call center solution and do not miss the opportunity to earn more with your bookings.

Irene Arribas

New Media & Content Executive. Irene (BA in Journalism) knows that her passion is the world of communications and public relations. She thinks the key to succeed in this field is as simple as 'being happy and inspire.'