A hotelier’s marketing handbook for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has arrived, and with another holiday comes another opportunity to take advantage of the unique opportunities to produce fresh marketing campaigns and content for your brand awareness and booking leads. When all is said and done, we operate in an extremely competitive market and we must continuously find ways to connect with our customers!

Love, in today’s market isn’t a cheap thrill, as consumer spending related to the holiday has reached an all-time high thanks in part to the last several months of domestic job growth and wage gains. In fact, consumers spend around 18 billion dollars on the holiday in the United States alone.

This is not a statistic that should be ignored; and in the essence of valentines, we have packaged our gift to you – 5 Ways to Take Advantage of this Festive Holiday!


The persuasion of special packages should not be ignored, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. A Valentine Package has the unique selling point of a providing a “Special Offer”, without cheapening your brand. Providing a unique and thoughtful way for your guest to celebrate with their special someone allows you to gain more brand exposure and consumer retention. Adding an element of luxury, such as Champagne and chocolate will never grow old, but try not to limit your business to standard offers. Investigate opportunities to partner with local businesses, for example you may decide to offer a romantic wine tasting with a nearby vineyard; or an intimate carriage ride through the city at night; think, how can we help to create a date night to remember?



When love is on the heart; guests don’t mine spending! In fact, they are often actively looking to make their special occasion extraordinary, by splurging out on extras. This provides a great opportunity to upsell. This can of course be anything from a room upgrade when checking in, a bottle of champagne in the room or a romantic couples massage before dinner. Remember, there will be a major increase in guest actively looking to purchase additional amenities. Therefore, ensure your additional services are ever more present, a brochure in the room, a notice on the TV and of course, when speaking to staff in reception.



Every holiday is a cause for celebration, therefore consider a brand appropriate event for valentine’s day. Luxury hotels could host a Valentines Masquerade Ball; young, urban hotels could host a singles party; family hotels could offer dance classes. The only limitation is your imagination! The advantages of producing a specialise event not only include the increase in brand awareness and publicity (through local and direct advertising), but the increase in food and beverage revenue and overnight bookings. An event also adds additional attraction to your Valentine Packages.



Now for a subject we feel strongly about at Roiback: Be social. It is important to align any additional campaigns you decide to include with your social media presence. Social media is an incredible platform that allows you to directly communicate and engage with your audience. A special day like Valentine’s day is an essential opportunity to have creative content for your guests.

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. So, within your campaign make sure your posts before the 14th highlight the more romantic side of your brand. This may include anything from rose petals and champagne, to candle-lit dinners and romantic sunsets by the beach. Also remember to include romantic vocabulary and hashtags to accompany your imagery.

Increase engagement. Within your social media campaigns include trending hashtags and when possible, encourage guest engagement by using branded photo opportunities and incentives. These incentives could be anything from give-a-ways for best hashtagged comments to rewards for liking, sharing and/or following your posts and page.



Due to the fact that Valentine’s Day has such great marketing opportunities, there will always be a saturated market. Therefore, when possible use the opportunity to offer a different perspective to your marketing campaign. There is great value in assessing your competition and ensuring you offer a unique selling point from your competitors. This can be achieved by offering an event, extras or packages that your competitors aren’t. Or, by taking a unique perspective and offering a campaign for the singles market, where your events and offers are targeted to celebrating being single for large groups or individuals. Whatever you decide, be unique!


Valentine’s Day is a tremendous opportunity for the hospitality industry to increase bookings and brand awareness. Marketing your business through a unique and memorable experience will also help increase your client retention and guest satisfaction, so what are you waiting for!?

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.