Five SEO tips you need to know for 2019

In order to adapt our websites to the new technological requirements, we must always be alerted to changes in the algorithm and how technologies affect the way in which the user interacts. How will the new searches be? How can we be visible?

In this post, I will talk about the 5 main factors to consider for SEO in 2019:


This point is a classic, but undoubtedly, if we don’t have content on our websites, we hardly position ourselves. Content is the visible face of our keywords. Thanks to texts, videos and images, we get the user and search engines to relate our website with a brand, a store, a concept …

In order to do this, we must generate unique and personalized content, create a good structure of URLs and consider the titles, descriptions and headers. Also, it is important to rank our keywords and create interlinking to transmit authority, the set up should be as least artificial as possible.

If you carry out a good content exercise, you have a large part of your earned position. Content is King!


In the hotel sector, it’s key to work well with the brand. In 2019, Google will use the brand mentions in the algorithm to create the identity of your company.

With this trend we will be able to improve the online reputation, making us more visible. We will also gain the trust of the user, since we give him more credibility. And finally, we will achieve the main objective we look for, increase conversion!

Therefore, the brand must be one of the main keywords to work on your website.


Obviously, nobody likes to wait for a website to take a long time to load … well folks, Google doesn’t either!

The loading speed is one of the factors that will be taken into account when positioning yourself better than the competition. With better speeds, we will reduce the bounce range. If we add more visual designs, we improve the user experience. All these factors affect the relevance that you will have for the search engines.

Don’t forget to check the loading speed in both desktop and mobile!


Since March 2018, Google began to penalize websites that are not optimized correctly.

The indexing process is changing and just as before the desktop version was the first to be analyzed, now this has been turned around. As a matter of fact, this change arises the need to review the mobile websites for proper indexing and good SEO in 2019. Regardless of whether you have a mobile web or a responsive version, we must follow certain requirements so that our websites do not end up penalized. This implies unifying content, sitemaps, microformats, etc. So, what are you waiting for?


The new data protection law filled the inbox of our emails in May 2018 so that we could accept the new policies.

It’s a new privacy regulation that must be applied in all the websites that store or request personal data. This implies updating the privacy policy, cookies and consent to transfer data on your website. The repercussions could be related to your position in the SERP and to this we must add the SSL security certificate. Remember, the algorithm is unforgiving!

I hope these 5 SEO tips for 2019 are useful. For any other question, you can find me at Roiback!

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.