Google redesigns search results for mobile devices

Google is rolling out the search redesign for mobile devices these days, modifying the «Ad» label from to black and highlighting the URL visible at the top of the ad. Furthermore, for organic listings, it adds the use of favicons. This new design was announced yesterday Wednesday 22nd May.

What’s new in Google for text ads?

The great change is presented in the Ad label that was previously in green with white background and now is black. In addition, the visible URL of the ad, which since 2017 was green and at the bottom of the title, now is on the top right of the Ad icon and also in black.

Captura de pantalla 2020-02-07 a las 10.07.34

What implications can it have for Google Ads campaigns?

It is difficult to know, but it could be translated into a slight increase in CTR and therefore clicks. If we look at the evolution of the designs of Google Ads in recent years, it is clear that the trend is that payment listings stand out less and mingle with the organic.

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What’s new for organic listings?

From now on the ads will be shown with the favicon of the website at the top right and the visible URL that was previously displayed under the title of the page, will now be shown to the right of the favicon in black text.

Example “Hotel Ilunion Sancti Petri”:

Captura de pantalla 2020-02-07 a las 10.12.47

How to get a favicon for organic listings?

If your site has a favicon, which needs to be a visual representation of your brand, you’ll need to add a <link> tag to the header with specific syntax, which you can find on the help page here. When Google crawls your home page, it will look for and update your favicon. However, Google yays that your favicon isn’t guaranteed to show even if it’s set up correctly.

Why should we care?

This update sets the stage for Google to continue to evolve the types of content it shows in the search results, including video, hi-res images, 3D objects, and the types of actions it enables right from the search results.

Advertisers, site owners, and SEOs will want to be watching for any potential impact on traffic from Google mobile search as this rolls out. The update is coming to mobile first and will be rolling out over the next few days, said Google. During testing, the company said, a majority of users found it easier to identify websites and more than two-thirds said it was easier to scan results more quickly.

Irene Arribas

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