Local art in Roiback

We unveil new artwork in our Palma HQ offices and are really excited about these changes. Two local artists have changed the image of our second home with a more colourful, pleasant and fun atmosphere.

Every detail has been taken care of. We have painted the walls. A series of fishes that are swimming in a mural of painted recycled wood, with nails and fabrics, hung on the blue-green wall, like the clear waters of our Mediterranean Sea.

Upon entering one of the meetings rooms, the first thing that grabs our attention is a large and wonderful photograph of the old town of Palma with the cathedral in the background and beside it another piece of sea that welcomes golden fishes that shine in a marine blue.

Xisca Ferrer, the same author of the artwork mentioned before, has provided us with a third piece of work: an acrylic paint on round canvases with different sizes. This work is the most abstract of all pieces, here the imagination allows everyone to interpret its meaning, (maybe paellas, planets and volcanoes).

One of the most original and fun is the blackboard wall located next to the kitchen. Our friend Jordi Odriozola has opted for street style/graffiti with symbols and graphics playing with Roiback colours. Robots, circuits, mobiles, computers… elements of our digital world in which like fishes, we sail every day.

We are very happy with the new decoration of Xisca and Jordi that accompanies us and brightens our daily routine. Come to see us and tell us what you think!

I thought my work could bring a craftsman and more human touch to all the computer display of the offices. I enjoyed playing with the colours of the company and transforming the room into a large aquarium where fish and sea waves could be accommodated, brightening the space of its workers.
Life is my motivation. From my youth to the present day my education was from the streets with graffiti as an inspiration. I’ve learned in my maturity to transport my skills to communicate to the diversity of cultures and this is what I wanted to show in the mural of Roiback’s offices.

Irene Arribas

New Media & Content Executive. Irene (BA in Journalism) knows that her passion is the world of communications and public relations. She thinks the key to succeed in this field is as simple as 'being happy and inspire.'