State-of-the-art websites focused on the consumer

If your hotel’s website attracts visits organically or through advertising campaigns, but you can not convert those visits into profits, you have a problem!

Nowadays in the online world, all the information is at your fingertips in the form of a mobile phone. That’s why it’s not enough just to attract the attention of a possible client with «beautiful» but overloaded websites, it’s like showing a store window at Christmas without a front door.

You should focus your efforts on conducting visits into conversions, so you should trust experts in the direct channel to improve your sales with higher percentage of profit and minimum cost.

Clearly there are many factors to take into account to convert visits into sales and I would like to share with you some examples:


Your website must transmit confidence, a clear message of what your product is. Remember that it’s the welcome card of your brand.

Many hotels focus on having a web page overloaded with information where they include banners, music, pop-ups, etc. A web full of information doesn’t guarantee conversion, it can often be a distraction.


Prices must be competitive, it’s important that you offer something different to the rest of the options, not only with discounts but also with extra services.

Imagine a potential client visiting your website in order to compare information, you should find something more attractive to finally decide on your official website.


Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the cross-selling with add-ons, since it can mean 30% more in your revenue.

If you have achieved the most difficult thing, a customer adding a room to the cart to finalize the booking, imagine it as having your customer in the queue of a grocery store with the wallet open and ready to pay, take this moment to offer products related to the purchase that will be made such as: massages, transfers, laundry, late check-out, early check-in, flowers, event tickets, etc.

There are endless options that you can offer. But be careful not to fall into the overload of information, it’s not necessary to offer cribs when the occupation is only for adults, nor is it necessary to offer romantic packages to a room for individual use. You know better than anyone the profiles of your clients and can anticipate your needs with specific supplements according to the occupation, the rate, pension or room they choose. It’s much more effective to offer 4 options to choose from, rather than overwhelm them with 20 supplements.

James Metzger

Senior Marketing & Communications Manager. James is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with over 10 years experience within marketing and branding.