Affilired visits our offices in Palma

We are delighted to host Kike Fernández, Affilired Sales Director, at our Roiback’s offices in Palma, to explain firsthand how a performance marketing agency specialized in the management of digital campaigns for companies in the tourism sector works  for hotels.

Affilired is a consolidated agency in our sector and with a business model that is based on the payment of a commission on confirmed sales.

In this session with Roiback, Kike has explained in detail what techniques they use to help in the direct sales of hotels (search engines, programmatic advertising, affiliation networks, onsite engagement, widgets price comparison, etc …) and all its advantages.

Roiback and Affilired have worked together for 7 years in order to increase the direct bookings of our collaborating hotels.

James Metzgerdiciembre 11, 2018

James Metzger

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