BackHotel Lite is already present in hotels of five countries

The simplified version of BackHotel was launched at the end of last year to suit the needs of small chains and independent hotels.

BackHotel Lite, the new simplified version for small chains and independent hotels of our booking engine, is already being used in five countries worldwide: Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. We are highly committed to this pocket edition version and its rapid implementation in different hotels and countries, and for this reason, we have a sales and technical team exclusively dedicated to the project.

The booking engine BackHotel Lite was born with the objective to offer small chains and independent hotels a simpler and more affordable version of BackHotel, a leading engine in hotel direct channel booking management. This simplified version has been tailored to suit the needs of these hotels, whilst maintaining the essence and technology of Roiback’s BackHotel engine, renowned for its high conversion rate, an extensive background in the management of large volume bookings and the experience and technology of a leading company in the sector.

The pocket edition version of BackHotel stands out for its simplicity, both for bookings (which can be made with only three clicks) and its quick implementation (it can be fully integrated into the hotel’s website in only a few days). The booking system configuration (CRS) is intuitive and incorporates a high level of personalization. It has a series of modules or add-ons that enlarge the engine functionalities, that means, they complement and customize it depending on the specific needs of each hotel.

Rebeca Gonzalez, Managing Director of Roiback, highlights: “BackHotel Lite was launched to give an answer to a specific market demand and to cover the needs of those small chains and independent hotels whom were seeking for leading-edge solutions with a guarantee of success and adapted to their financial possibilities as well as to its resources and time availability.” She adds: “We believe that in the upcoming months the presence of BackHotel Lite among this kind of properties will not be missed.”

The feedback of those hoteliers who are already using BackHotel Lite is very positive. They are already very pleased with the sales results through the direct channel and they also highlight the optimal attention received before, during and after the implementation of the booking engine.

María Rodríguez, Manager of Aparthotel La Vall Blanca, in Vielha (Lleida, Spain), stated: “Only during the week after the implementation of BackHotel Lite, a significant increase in direct bookings has been generated in our website. The agility, the transparency in the information that our clients receive and the confidence that they are booking at the best price, are just some of the values we are benefiting from, and for this reason, we are very satisfied.»

James Metzgerfebrero 20, 2018

James Metzger

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