Improve your visibility in metasearch engines with Loyalty Pro


Since the campaigns in metasearch engines are very close to the moment of purchase decision, it is very important to increase the visibility in the clients through these campaigns. One of the key points for a campaign in metasearch engines to be profitable is price parity.

At Roiback we offer different options to improve the visibility and ROI of thesecampaigns, including the possibility of sending prices and exclusive advantages from loyalty to metasearch engines, using our loyalty solution, Loyalty Pro.


Thanks to the greater visibility that is obtained when sending the Loyalty prices, the hotels/chains see their competitiveness improved and the ROI of their campaigns immediately. Indirectly, by increasing web traffic and having activated Loyalty Pro, we increase the acquisition of new users/members to the program, improving the possibility of impacting clients interested in our hotels and building loyalty with other marketing actions.

At Roiback we offer a solution that helps optimize your campaigns in the metasearch engines, allowing to construct in a tactical way positive disparity towards our direct channel and maintaining the best available price.

Irenemayo 22, 2019


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