Record sales during the Black Friday campaign

The excellent work done by our collaborators during the recent Black Friday campaign, together with our DCS team, has been a resounding success for all.

Sales growth since last Friday November 23 (Black Friday) to Monday 26 (Cyber ​​Monday) has been + 81% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Sales in Europe have grown significantly this year and the growth tendency has been confirmed in recent years, highlighting the importance of these dates in terms of sales in the old continent.

Both in LATAM and APAC, there has also been a clear increase in sales and the records of last year (which were also very satisfactory in both regions) have been broken.

Clearly, the Black Friday campaign is trendy, and more importantly, it works. Hard work has paid off and this year we have again pulverized all the records. Now that the Christmas holidays arrive, we can also take advantage of the situation and launch new offers and promotions to generate more income.

From Roiback we want to congratulate everyone for the great job done and we are already counting the days for the next Black Friday 2019 campaign to arrive and for it to become another hit.

James Metzgerdiciembre 4, 2018

James Metzger

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