Tripadvisor presents their latest news at Palma HQ

Last week we had the great pleasure to have Mercedes Sánchez, Senior Key Accounts Manager of TripAdvisor visit our headquarters in Palma. Mercedes presented our DCS, Sales and Roiback Digital teams all the possibilities existing today to maximize the presence of a hotel on TripAdvisor.

Among other interesting things we talked about the integrity of content on TripAdvisor, the impact of the opinions, how a correct management of online reputation should be and what is the path of a user in order to make reservations on TripAdvisor.

Finally, Mercedes highlighted how to get the most out of the three main payment products: the TripAdvisor plus profile (Advantage Plus), the new sponsored ads and the solutions within meta search engines such as Tripconnect and Instant Booking.

Roiback is for three years now Premium Partner of TripAdvisor and offers all the advantages TripAdvisor provides to hotels.

James Metzgermayo 17, 2018

James Metzger

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