Strategic creativity in the workplace

We live in such a competitive world that we need to find new ways to impress. We see how the most enterprising companies are resurfacing with new technological proposals that make them the most competent in such an exploited market. This way, original ideas are needed to implement new projects that impact the audience, which is full of information on a daily basis. Also, we can be sure that the process of creating an idea is a great challenge of innovation and creativity.


Creativity is one of the most important skills of the entrepreneur and a source of differentiation and competitiveness in the work area. But it is difficult to get to this one since it requires practice. Many companies try to encourage creativity among their employees but not everyone knows how to do it. Well, they should focus on training the skills that make a creative person. The problem is when the organization doesn’t value the creativity of its collaborators, because creativity is often sacrificed for efficiency. However, for us it’s important to let others create, because we have the need to continuously improve our technology since the sector in which we find ourselves is evolving in a very fast way. Given that innovation is very important for us, we must pay special attention to the creativity of those around us, since they are the ones who will lead us to the creation of future innovative projects because they are the axis of our innovation.


On the other hand, we must bear in mind that creativity is always easier if it emerges from team practice, because each contribution is a different vision of what we want to achieve. For this reason, our team works every day in the search for new solutions that can impact the user and create a unique experience that they cannot easily forget. We can even create a need for the user and intervene in his daily life.

Besides investing time in thinking about the creative idea, we also have to invest in studying the market in which we find ourselves very well in order to know the public we are facing, and above all to know more about their needs. Because the user needs this creative idea to solve a problem. They want solutions!

But one thing we have quite clear is that we can’t bring up a creative and innovative idea if we don’t combine it with an effective and long-term strategy. All creativity requires a strategy in order to reach the consumer, for this reason it’s not as easy as thinking only about an original idea because no matter how good it is, it won’t sell by itself. Currently, we have reached a situation of digital revolution in which we have the need to design another different strategy to survive the change.


For this reason, it is important to maintain a good vision of marketing updated and adapted to immediate change needs, because those organizations that don’t come out with a good marketing strategy and assume the field of creativity and innovation, will never be able to leave the comfort zone and will not grow. Although, it’s also essential to invest in design, image and communication, so that the idea is known and at the same time attractive to the public.

To finish, it would be convenient that the strategic and creative content is aimed at achieving results, that is, being able to give differential value to the brand and above all to transform the acceptance of the public into profitability. Thus, we will strengthen what we call strategic creativity.

James Metzger

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