Ve gives us the recipe for programmatic advertising

Recently a representation of our worldwide partner, Ve, visited our offices in Palma de Mallorca to set up the common strategy for the upcoming months with the main objective of offering hotels an effective solution to increase the number of direct bookings generated through their website.

Sara del Canto, Ve Senior Digital Consultant, and Almudena Ochovo, Ve Account Manager Travel, offered an excellent presentation to our Digital Marketing and Direct Channel Specialist teams. During the meeting they explained in detail the methods used to acquire qualified traffic through programmatic advertising. They also described the different optimization techniques through engagement, email remarketing and prospecting applications, on and off site.

We want to remind you that the hotels that collaborate with us are already benefiting from the services offered by Ve. Thanks to its technology, more users can access the webs and the abandonment ratios of them are reduced. These factors allow a considerable improvement in conversions and an increase in the online visibility to guarantee more direct bookings.

James Metzger

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