You can call us your DCS, it’s easier! And that’s exactly what we’re here to do – make your life easier! We’re here from the very beginning, and we’ll make sure that all your services are optimized so your goals are met.

We are a team of specialists that serve over a thousand hotels day-in and day-out. It is impossible for us not to live and breathe what we do. We know the hotel market, we know the technology sector, and we know the direct channel. But, if there’s anything we don’t know, we have a team of specialists in every area ready to make sure we have an answer for you.

Your key point of contact

We are a global team with local knowledge, and that’s how we’re able to fully understand your needs. We continuously liaise with our internal RB teams to ensure you have the best of the best, specifically catered for your hotel or chain.

Strategy & PlanningWe offer specific guidance on what products you need and what route to take. We then help create a plan of action.
ReportingWe stay in constant communication with you. We provide detailed reports on all areas of your direct channel performance.
OptimizationWe help with the maintenance and optimization of your direct channel. We answer your queries and make sure any changes are put in place.
EcommerceWe make sure your e-commerce is taken care of. We will liaise with our product team and digital marketing team, to ensure all areas are covered.