Booking Engine

Unrivaled technology for your hotel.

At the core is our booking engine

We know that the challenges of direct online hotel distribution will vary for small independent hotels and large hotel
chains. We understand that these challenges you face can include many different factors, such as; your geographical
destination; the seasonality of your hotel or chain; your customer profile; the maturity of your online distribution; your mix
of distribution channels; your dependence on OTAs; the value of your brand; and the number of visitors to your website.

Therefore, in consideration of these factors, it is an important part of our mission that we are able to offer products that
will develop your commercial strategy and maximize the potential of your direct online sales.

THE COMPLETE PACKAGEComplete features and tools for large and medium-sized hotel chains, and independent hotels that have their direct online sales channel developed.
THE TAILORED PACKAGEDesigned for independent hotels and small chains. Lite uses the same core features of 4.5, but with the option of tailoring advanced tools and features.

Conversion Rate


System Integrations


Growth in Revenue


Works correctly, with high availability and without system failures.

99.95% AVAILABILITY UPTIMEThe time in which the booking engine is active and functioning correctly.
CONTINUOUS MONITORINGWe have more than 10,000 alarms that continuously monitor the status of the platform.
24X7 OPERATIVE DUTY TEAMWe have a dedicated team working 24x7 to ensure the correct functioning of the platform.


Logically implemented, without incorrect or erroneous results.

CODE REVIEWBefore publishing, all our software goes through a code review stage. Every change is reviewed by other teammates before going into production.
CONTINUOUS MONITORINGThese tests validate that the system has the expected behavior. In addition, critical developments are reviewed by a QA team that validates the quality of the results.
INDUSTRY LEADING TECHNOLOGY SUPPORTOur technology stack runs on Linux systems, including databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Redis, servers and web balancing devices such as Nginx or HAProxy and frameworks such as Django, Angular or React.


Our platform uses a series of innovative technologies, strategies, and methodologies.

AGILE METHODOLOGIESWe use agile methodologies for our software development, such as Scrum or Kanban, and prioritize and deliver value in the fastest and most effective way through our Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Product Owners.
INNOVATION TEAMWe have a team of professionals from systems to frontend and UX programmers that are passionate about technology.
The team are continuously implementing the latest advances and technologies.
LEADING DEVELOPMENT PRACTICESWe only use leading development practices such as the implementation of automatic tests; in-depth code review; the same code standards as companies like Spotify and Airbnb; code quality metrics; pair programming; and continuous integration.

Leading technology is the foundation of our engine.