Backhotel LIte



Designed for independent hotels and small chains

Backhotel Lite utilises the core components of our main booking engine, without the extra features that are more suited for larger chains.

Fast deliveryDon't worry, we got this. Our large dedicated teams of experts are able to implement the "Lite" engine extremely quickly. We have developed a streamline process to ensure you are earning more from your direct channel, as soon as possible!
Better technologyOur streamlined purchase process turns your website visits into real reservations! Backhotel Lite not only offers an “easy to book” process for your customers but a solution that is also easy for you to manage.
Custom AddonsWe offer customized packages if you need a little extra from your booking engine. You can select any additions you need to ensure the maximum conversions from your website.
Out-of-the-boxWe also offer incredible efficiency with our fixed, multipage templated website that is ready to install, and seamlessly integrate with your "Lite" booking engine. The template has been created for an optimized UX, fast performance and rigorously tested to ensure maximum conversions.
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30% of direct sales from Roiback’s hotel partners, come from mobile.

With Mobilis, it is not only possible to increase bookings from mobile, but also provide a user experience that will help drive more repeat traffic to your website. Our solution ensures a superior conversion rate through a series of unique benefits, including; a “one-finger” navigation and optimized booking process; less than 1-second loading speeds; optimized content; and prioritize navigation and images for mobile.

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