As digital natives, we focus on showcasing and selling your brand and products online.


As digital natives, we focus on showcasing and selling your brand and products online.

RB Digital

We are a specialized marketing performance agency for hotel chains

We believe in collaborative relationships and we’re driven by your long-term success. Our team of Marketing Account Managers will partner with you to understand your objectives, create custom strategies and constantly fine-tune our approach to deliver high-impact digital marketing. And our method works: we have exponentially grown traffic, sales and ROI for thousands of hotel partners across the globe. As a Google Premier Partner, we are relentlessly innovating our campaign management and implementing industry best practices to maximize your reach and effectiveness.

SEMPaid search is a quick and effective way to drive sales for your hotel. Our Marketing Account Managers will work to define your keyword strategy, deliver and constantly improve your campaigns so that your hotel is always one step ahead.
Using our proprietary system we automatically optimize campaign bidding and tracking, allowing us to continuously improve campaign results. And as a Google Premier Partner, we are always in the know about the latest developments and innovations that will help you get better results, at a better bid price.

  • Gain strong visibility in SERP for your hotel, protect your brand and control the cost.
  • Remarket to previous visitors of your website and re-engage them.
  • Speak to your hotel clients directly through impressive variety of Ads.
  • Find new prospects over massive Display & Video network and boost the traffic.

Programmatic Advertising
PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISINGCount on us for the most effective digital advertising, delivered to the right person at the right time. Using real-time bidding technology, automated audience segmentation and 3rd party data integration we optimize your digital campaigns across channels for maximum ROI.

  • Upgrade your typical targeting levers by using dedicated large data providers and boost your ROI.
  • Make the most out of your hotel CRM, you are sitting on a wealth of first-party customer data.
  • Create segments of travelers according to their online behaviours and catch them at the right time.
  • Make an impact on mobile by showing dynamic creative ads optimized for mobile screens.

Metasearch Marketing
METASEARCH MARKETINGTrivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak or Google Hotel Ads, no metasearch engine is the same. We have a specialist team dedicated solely to managing your metasearch marketing, ensuring the right bidding strategies for each type of platform. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence we will manage your campaigns, automating your bidding, budgeting, channel allocation, and timing of campaigns to optimise your conversion rates and ROI.

  • Gain maximum visibility in major markets and new potential markets.
  • Campaign segmentation by market and device.
  • Be present in Brand and Destination searches.
  • Competing with the big OTAs without paying a high price for it.

Affiliate Marketing
AFFILIATE MARKETINGWe help you showcase your hotel through a global network of specialised travel websites. To ensure the highest possible return we will define the right publisher audience, create channel-adapted marketing content and define specific affiliate restrictions to suit your needs.

  • Access to a portfolio of more than 200,000 sites around the world.
  • Maximize your reach with segments that align to your business.
  • Only pay for results. Commission models for confirmed bookings only.
  • Control your ROI.
  • Secure and transparent.

Email Marketing
EMAIL MARKETINGWe create and deliver inspiring and high-return campaigns that will bring more sales. Combining crafted visuals and effective messaging we achieve high open rates, click-thru rates and most importantly, sales conversions.

  • Scheduled mailings. Allows you to send your newsletters without having to connect to the platform.
  • Real-time reporting of campaign performance.
  • Subscribers lists are always up to date. Lists automatically manage unsubscribes and prevent duplicate emails.
  • Create a more targeted visitor experience and loyalty.

SEOSearch engines play a key role in today’s holiday planning process. And good SEO will help place you first in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), which will then attract organic traffic to your website.

Combining SEO on-page optimization (headers, meta tags, quality content, redirects, schema…) and SEO off-page strategies (Google My Business, LinkBuilding, blog...) we can better rank your site and attract more of the right kind of visitors. We guarantee first position of your brand keywords.

  • All our websites are constantly updated based on the latest SEO technique requirements. Local SEO, Mobile-first, AMP, Brand optimization, Voice research.
  • Our audits are created manually with different tools. Thus we can find your possibilities of growth and improvement.
  • Local SEO is an important way to show your business, that's why we create and optimize the Google my business profile and give you visibility on Google Maps.
  • If you need more keywords, we are specialized in different services like blog management or LinkBuilding generation.

Social Media
SOCIAL MEDIAWe believe in social media as means to build awareness, grow your brand profile, and also to deliver sales. Our main focus is on developing performance-based strategies to influence your bottom of the funnel. In other words, we specialise attracting the most relevant social media traffic and convert it into sales.

  • Retargeting campaigns to impact users who haven’t booked yet.
  • Prospecting campaigns to increase visibility and brand recognition.
  • Use of Facebook Travel Ads to offer a personalized advertisement to the user and improve the performance of the campaigns.
  • Daily update of our campaigns with the hotel's best price using our system integration.

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