Digital natives and passionate about direct sales, we specialise in digital marketing for hotels.  We offer a 360º approach that provides the highest reach, visibility, and online sales for your hotel, as we strike the right balance between the different online marketing channels and strategies. We analyse your product, target audience, and key source markets to design multichannel strategies to help you maximize online sales, with the highest possible ROI.



digital marketing pros in 4 locations worldwide:
Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Singapore.


in total online marketing spend
that is managed by our team.


hotels and chains worldwide benefit from our expertise in
SEM, SEO, Programmatic advertising, Display, SEO y Digital Analytics.


SEM is much more than advertising on Google, going well beyond what its name suggests.
Nowadays, SEM includes a wide range of digital channels, from search results on Google and Bing, to targeted ads on Gmail and Youtube, as well as a host of retargeting and prospecting options. There’s a world of possibilities to position your brand and sell your products, and at Roiback we will work with you to define strategies that bring more sales, with the lower possible cost.

Detailed analysis of the most relevant keywords with non-stop optimization to find new keywords, and expand your visibility.

Multichannel campaigns in search results, social media and channels such as Gmail, covering the key platforms where to position your brand.

Retargeting actions to reach those people that have already been in contact with one of your ads online.

Inhouse technology that allows us to show prices in real-time, as well as personalised pricing and offers.

Weekly meetings between hoteliers and Roiback Key Account Managers to analyse and improve your campaigns continuously.



Programmatic advertising allows you to show your ads across a range of online channels and websites using automated processes. We use top technology to automatically display your ads in the right place and at the right time, helping connect your brand and products with your target audiences, at the right place and in the right time.

Create specific audience segments based on your target audience and strategy and market demand.

Generate impact on mobile devices using dynamic and creative ads.

Show your ads to the types of clients, markets and hours of the day that you decide.


When the think social ads, we think performance and sales. Our objective is to leverage the influence and reach of social media to implement strategies to generate more revenue from your social media channels. As a Facebook Marketing Partner for Agencies, we benefit from preferential support and continuous training to help you get the best high sales and high ROIs across your social media advertising actions.

We are specialists in generating sales in the most popular social media channels like Facebook o Instagram, where travellers spend 5x more time than on any other channel.

We create, test and improve ads using different formats – images, carrousels or video – to get the highest bang for your buck on your campaigns.

We segment campaigns to increase their relevance, ensuring that your ads are shown only to the types of travellers that are more likely to book your hotel.

Marketing Digital


We design emails and landing pages that are creative and striking, and that inspire your clients to book. From subject lines and times of delivery for campaigns, to commercial copy and call-to-actions, our specialised email marketing team applies best practices to generate more click-thrus for your landing pages and increase the percentage of generating bookings.

Newsletter design that is creative, impactful and focussed on getting you more sales.

Send high-impact email marketing messages across the customer journey: awareness, cross-selling, pre-stay and post-stay.

If needed, we will manage your email marketing database to ensure its updated and contains only valid email addresses.

We provide advanced analytics and detailed reporting to ensure that we are always improving campaign performance.


Search Engines play a major role in today’s travel planning process. Good SEO will help you score top positions on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), driving high quality free traffic to your website, getting you more conversions with less investment and lowering your costs of acquisition.

We audit your website to identify key areas of opportunity and define an action plan to improve your on-site SEO metrics, and your overall organic results.

We define a content strategy to find the keywords that are most relevant to your hotel and with the biggest search volume.

We create and optimize your Google My Business and Google Maps pages so that you get the most out of Local SEO.

We specialise in building and managing blogs – to position your hotel with more keywords - and LinkBuilding – to generate more authority for your page and better overall positioning.



We help you showcase your hotel and its products through a global network of specialised travel websites. To ensure the highest possible return we will define the most relevant list of websites where to publish your ads and create content adapted to each channel so that we your products are broadcast to the most relevant audience online.

We ensure global reach for your campaigns by partnering with the most reputable affiliate marketing platforms.

Design and development of all marketing material.

You will have 100% visibility on all your earned affiliate commissions.


Through detailed analysis of your KPIs and campaign metrics we help you understand and improve your marketing actions. You will be able to track your campaign performance with real-time marketing reports and dashboards.

Through detailed analysis of your KPIs and campaign metrics we help you understand and improve your marketing actions. You will be able to track your campaign performance with real-time marketing reports and dashboards.

We create generic reports that give you comprehensive overviews of your campaigns, as well as detailed dashboards that deep-dive into the performance of each of your marketing channels.

We analyse your website metrics and identify and improve your performance.

We use a robust reporting ecosystem, using inhouse and third party tools, to ensure the quality and accuracy of our reporting: Funnel.io, Google Universal Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Qlik Sense, Roiback CRM and Roiback Metabase.

Marketing Digital